Shopping at Target? Then you definitely need this credit card!

Checking Credit Card

A lot of people tend to ignore store credit cards, but some of them actually come with a lot of perks, especially if you shop at a specific store more than in other places. They can be great tools for consumers with average scores, trying to establish or rebuild credit, so a few of them are worth checking out.

For example, we have the Target REDcard, which, asides from low fees and big rewards, it comes with a few more things you actually want to see from a credit card. If you ask us, it has a simple rewards structure, but also some very useful extras, great for Target fans.

An excellent cash back rate!

According to Time, cardholders earn 5% off on almost all purchases made at the store or on its online portal. Also, when you use the card to make a purchase at an in-store Starbucks, the same offer applies.

Basically, if you’re the type of persona who spends around $250 per month at Target, you can get back $150 per year. Just for doing the shopping you would anyway do.

Another aspect worth mentioning about this card is that it offers a lot more cash back on general purchases than the majority of cards, which usually give you 2% or 3%, but in very rare cases.

And this is not yet: the Target REDcard doesn’t come with an annual fee and it offers free two-day shipping “on hundreds of thousands of items bought online, from the retailer’s website.

Not liking the items you got? This perk can come in handy

If you’re a frequent shopper, you can always benefit from an additional 30 days to return items purchased using this card, this being way beyond the standard return window. The only downside, if it can be called like that, is the fact that you can use this card just as Target. But we’re convinced that owners wouldn’t plan to use it in other locations.

To wrap it up, the card is a great choice for the retailer’s fans, featuring a 24.40% APR, 5% off on almost all purchases, free shipping, and no annual fee. Guess it’s worth checking out, right?

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