Pinterest just reached 100 million monthly active users

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Compared to other social networks, like Snapchat or Instagram, Pinterest’s growth rate has been relatively slow, but finally, it managed to reach a very important milestone: 100 million monthly users.

Until now, we had no exact information about the social network’s user base, but on September 17, the made an official announcement, confirming the number. Still, according to The Verge, just 70% of the users actually pin something each month or click on pins, in order to find out mode details. Nevertheless, this is a great achievement!

People love pinning

The same source mentions that the number of users who actually pin items doubled in the past year and a half, while the number of searches year-over years increased with a whooping 81%.

pinterest 100 millionOne of the most important features of the network is the addition of the so-called “promoted pins”, which extended the advertising possibilities on Pinterest. Besides this, it seems that some of the most popular boards are Home Decor, with more than 130 million of them built around this topic, followed by Wedding Planning and Food.

According to Tim Kendall, the company’s CFO, “Pinterest is not a place where people come to connect with family and friends, it’s a “catalog of ideas”. With 3D Touch on a new iPhone, users will be able to get quick access to search for Pins, create a board, or see what’s popular on Pinterest, right from the homescreen icon.”

It’s still way behind some important players

On the other side, Pinterest’s 100 million is a relatively small number compared to Instagram, for example, who has already surpassed 300 million or Snapchat, currently believed to have over 200 million users. Not to mention the absolut social media king, Facebook, currently having over 1.5 billion registered users.

Based in San Francisco, Pinterest is on the market for five years and managed to reach a total value of $11 billion.

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