Love to eat out? This can be the cash back credit card for you!

Checking Credit Card

If you’re fancying eating out, by yourself or alongside your friends, we have some excellent news for you: we managed to find the perfect cash back credit card, which can save you even hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

It wasn’t easy, though, as we had to look at a relatively big number of cards, we managed to decide upon it in the end. Specifically, we’re talking about the Capital One “Savor” Cash Rewards Credit Card, which, besides a really inspired name, offers some great perks for all your foodies out there.

Not only for restaurants!

The card gives you 3 percent cash back on spending at restaurants year-round, but also 2 percent on groceries, while spending on anything else gives you 1 percent back. One of the best parts about this card is that it has no annual fee, nor any foreign transaction fees when you use it in other countries. Also, there’s a nice bonus implies: $150, if you manage to spend $500 in the first three months after getting it.

If you’re a traveling fan and want to use this card at various restaurants or on groceries, you should reconsider your options though. For example, a travel credit cards is way better to maximize cash, as it offers rewards for dining out, but also provides some bonuses for spending at hotels or on transportation.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve could be a great alternative, giving 3 points for ever dollar spent at restaurants. Still, it does have a $450 annual fee. On the other side, never ignore the Uber Visa Card, which has a really impressive 4 percent return at restaurants.

A decent APR, but still, use it precautiously

Back to the Capital One “Savor” cash back credit card, let’s mention other essential deals about it as well.

There’s a 0 percent introductory APR on purchases and transfers, but just for the first 15 months, while the same APR varies between 15.99 to 24.74, depending on your credit score. Finally, the estimated return after five years ranges around $1,500.

As mentioned earlier, this card is an excellent option for dining out, but again, try avoiding using credit cards too often, since you can easily end up with debt you may not be able to control!

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