Top 3 credit card trends which could dominate 2018

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If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to carry a lot of stuff day by day, we have some bad news: in 2018, your wallet will get heavier, as you will, most likely, have more credit cards.

According to Forbes, credit card companies are planning to launch more and more cards, with improved benefits, with the sole purpose of enticing customers to basically increase their portfolio of cards.

“The market is heating up. We see a lot more offers geared toward consumers who are looking for rewards,” says Rachana Bhatt, managing director of Barclaycard, cited by the same source.

Of course, this means that we will have more choices, so, automatically, we’re talking about some specific trends, which people with excellent credit scores should look after. These are some of the most interesting, at least for the moment:

More brands will have their own card

This year, we saw important players like Uber or Starbucks coming with their own cards, since this is an excellent way to capitalize on customer loyalty. After all, nobody can say ‘no’ to some a nice rewards credit card!

In 2018, get ready to see a lot of your favorite retailers fighting for an additional spot in your wallet.

Credit cards will have new shapes and sizes

A lot of people are fancying metal cards, not to mention that if you want to really stand out, you can get a real, custom gem-encrusted card. However, getting back to the real world, card issuers are expected to continue playing with various colors for their cards, as well as shapes, just to catch new consumers’ attention.

Credit card security will be significantly increased

It is well known that credit card fraud is among the biggest problems of the moment, fact backed by the recent high-profile data breaches.

A few companies launched alerts for cardholders, but we’re expecting a lot more to be done in this direction in 2018, including additional layers of security and special alerting systems.

What other trends do you expect to see in the year that’s about to start in less than one month? Let us know, using the comments section below!

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