Time Warner, expected to invest $100 million in Snapchat

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Snapchat is already one of the most popular social media apps, so it has been just a matter of time until big companies announce that they’re planning to invest massive. According to Bloomberg Technology, the latest which expressed such desires is Time Warner Inc., as the company wants to spend $100 million in producing TV-like shows, as well as ads, through the next two years.

This is the media giant’s attempt to reach young users, since they’re the main age category using the app, says a person familiar with the matter, cited by the same source.

A lot of new shows, coming in 2017 to an app near you!

After the deal is completed, Time Warner will make shows for Snapchat, covering various genres, including dramas, comedies or documentaries. And this is not all, since HBO, Warner Bros. and Turner, all of them being Time Warner’s brands, will also advertise on the social media app.

This will significantly boost the number of shows available now on the social network, since, currently, there are just three of them, one episode having around 5 minutes. It looks like Time Warner is planning to make around 10 shows a year, while Warner Bros. will use the platform to promote its upcoming movies, as part of the deal.

As for Snapchat’s profit, part of the revenue made by the ads sold during the shows – 50%, to be more specific, will be theirs.

Yep, vertically filmed shows, tailored for your phone’s display

Also, another detail worth mentioning is the format of the shows: they will be produced vertically, just like people would watch them on their phones!

Currently, Snap already has multiple deals with studios, as well as networks, displaying their content as mobile magazines or shows. And this is great for helping Snapchat achieve their main purpose: make the younger audience spend as much time as possible on the app, which is almost impossible to find these days on television.

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