This cash back credit card offers a huge sign-up bonus!

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When it comes to getting a new cash back credit card, we’re always after the best offer, in terms of benefits. But if the card also includes a big sign-up bonus, you just can’t say no to it.

Some cards don’t offer that much, this is no secret, but cards like this one, from Discover, require you to spend a lot of money right away and offer a lot in return.

How about doubling your investment in bonuses?

According to CNBC, the Discover It Cashback Match is one of the best choices of the moment. It has a bonus offer, matching all the rewards you earn in the first year. Basically, you can double whatever you bring in, starting with 5 percent cash back offers, on various categories, as well as 1 percent on other purchases.

But this is not everything. The card will also help you have on purchases made on Amazon and select wholesale clubs in the fourth quarter of 2018. As for the other quarters of the year, users will get rewards for typical spending, like purchases made at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants.

However, the best part about this card is the sign-up bonus, as mentioned above. It has a $1,500 cap each quarter on the category earning 5 percent cash back. Still, the 1 percent on other purchases is actually unlimited. Therefore, your cash back doesn’t max out at $300 per year, which means that your bonus won’t count either.

So, is it worth it?

There’s one aspect we should mention as well: the majority of top cash back cards come with a flat-rate sign-up bonus, between $100 and $200, as long as you spend enough to be eligible for it. For example, the Chase Freedom cash back card, considered by a lot of users as the best overall card of this type, gives you $150 if you manage to spend $500 in the first three months. There’s also the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card, offering $200 if you spend $1000 in three months.

Finally, the Discover It Cashback Match is definitely the best option if you want to save on a big variety of purchases and earn some additional money: it doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees and there’s no annual fee. What more can you ask for?

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