The 3 lesser-known things you can do with your rewards card

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Two of the main reasons why people sign up for a rewards card are the points and miles they can acquire. And this makes total sense, as they can be used to buy reward flights, free hotel stays, and many more. However, there are a few things you should know about these rewards!

If you’re among those who would like to do more with their points, we have some good news: you can use them for much more, like some really cool experiences, which we will present below.

Go to the spa

That’s right, points and miles acquired through a rewards card can buy you a relaxing experience!

Etihad Guest members who are part of the airline’s frequent flyer program can redeem their miles for a wide range of spa services, at one of the company’s Six Senses Spa locations. Specifically, 3,700 miles will get you a 15-minute session, consisting of back massage, head massage, or eye treatment. If you have even more miles – 15,500, that is – you can spend them on a full, 50-minute massage session.

Get wedding rings

If you’re a frequent flyer and managed to accumulate 65,620 Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, you can take part, along with your significant other, in a three-hour workshop on jewelry-making, in Hong Kong. And, at the end, you can take home your new set of silver bands!

The best part is that it’s not mandatory to have any Asia Miles for this since you can transfer points from many transferrable point currencies to Asia Miles.

Go to space

And finally, probably one of the most…different things you can use your rewards card for is taking a look at our big, blue planet. As long as you have 2 million Virgin Points, of course, and are lucky enough to win their raffle.

If you eventually are eligible for this, you’ll have one spot reserved on Virgin Galactic and take a quick 62 miles trip, straight up. Oh, and you will have to wait until the company launched commercial flights to space. But hey, your spot will still be reserved!

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