3 tips to maximize credit card rewards

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Yes, those big welcome bonuses are absolutely tempting, but when it comes to credit card rewards, they aren’t actually the only regular source of points and miles people are chasing. In fact, it’s highly recommended to avoid leaving both of them on the table from your regular spending!

There are various strategies on which you can rely to maximize your credit card rewards and today we will discuss some of the most popular, in order to help you travel more and spend less.

Pick a relevant loyalty program

In order to get the most out of your rewards card, you should start with some proper research, before actually choosing the card. In fact, you do need to pick something that will help you achieve your goal, right? That’s why it’s very important to familiarize with all available programs before taking a decision.

Whether you’re getting ready to sign up for airline, hotel, or transferable points programs, figure out all the quirks that might be beneficial or detrimental to your trips and only then put your name on the papers.

Make big purchases strategically

One great way of maximizing bonus categories is to strategically time your important – and big! – purchases.

For example, if you know some investments like moving to a new house or going on holidays are getting closer, you can consider timing your purchases, in order to maximize your points. Specifically, if you will be spending a few thousand in a few months, it’s actually better to wait until then to apply for a new credit card. By doing this, everything will be spent towards earning a few nice welcome bonuses.

Don’t forget about quarterly bonus categories

Finally, you should know that there are specific cards that offer what’s known as rotating bonus categories.

Even though this involves a bit of extra attention, as you need to activate them each quarter and make sure you maximize the category for that period, without surpassing the limits, they are totally worth a shot! Just make sure you dedicate some time to research before deciding upon and you can surely enjoy some great credit card rewards.

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